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Noncompete Agreements for Employees and Hiring Employees

Georgia Lawyer Helps Evaluate Noncompete Agreements for Upcoming Employee Transitions and for Company Recruiters

Marietta attorney clarifies rights and restrictions when a job ends

Companies often require employees to sign documents agreeing not to work for a competing firm. At Dalziel Law, we provide authoritative legal advice regarding these agreements in their numerous iterations, considering enforceability, compliance and its effect on future job prospects/performance and strategies for transition that end ran there provisions.

Available counsel concerning covenants regardless of which state’s law applies

States take different approaches to noncompete agreements, so it is important that the client receives advice about the agreement that delivers the proper analysis based on the law of the proper state.

We are also well-informed on issues regarding required notice of termination and forced delay in starting a new job, commonly referred to as “garden leave.”

Questions of time territory and scope of activity restricted are most relevant to the enforceability of these agreements. We sort these questions out as well as the questions regarding the enforceability of clauses in the agreement pre-suit consent to injunction, forum selection clauses, establishing liquidated damages for violations, or calling for a percentage of future revenues to be paid to the former employees.

Even if you signed an agreement, there is a strong likelihood that all of its terms might not be enforceable. I can help you seek a more favorable post termination arrangement than the one provided in your contract with your former employer. arrangement

Detailed advice to help protect your ability to earn a living

It can be intimidating to confront a current or former employer about onerous noncompete covenants. Whether you’re a new employee, a veteran employee about to start a new job, or a hiring employer, I can be the face for your team in minimizing non-compete issues.

Reach out to a skilled employment attorney for a thorough analysis

Contact Dalziel Law online or at 404-963-9923 to schedule a consultation with a thorough Georgia employment law attorney who can discuss the details of your noncompete agreement whether it has been executed or not.

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