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Noncompete Agreements

Georgia Lawyer Delivers Knowledgeable Advice on Employee Non-competition Agreements of All Sorts, Governing Employees in Almost Any State. If Necessary Counsel Can Also Provide Advocacy Services in Court or Arbitration Concerning These Agreements

Marietta attorney helps parties clarify rights and restrictions when a job ends or when a job begins

I provide authoritative legal advice to workers and employers regarding the creation, negotiation and enforcement of non-compete agreements. I can help you particularly regarding your Georgia agreements in light of the recent law change in this area. I have experience on these issues in 20 states; however, I can help you regardless of the state in which you want to create non-compete obligations, avoid them or litigate or arbitrate about them, as I have resources regarding the law in all 50 states regarding non-compete/no-solicitation/non-disclosure/non-recruitment agreements. I am also well versed in the area of “garden leave,” where the employee must announce his departure, and then go home on paid leave for a period up to ninety days, so that the employer in the 90 day period can assign other of its employees to enter into the relationship with the client and to try to wrestle the relationship away from the former employee.

Firm delivers comprehensive counsel on Georgia laws concerning non-compete covenants

It is very important that you get advice regarding non-compete agreements tailored to the law of the particular state applicable, the particular type of employee being obligated and the industry in which the employee services. For employers, I am able to review existing contracts as to enforceability and to edit them or create entirely new contracts based on the factors just described. If you are a current or departing employee, I can analyze any agreement applicable as to enforceability, deliver transition planning in the compliance with the agreement and advise when the contract is clearly unenforceable. The biggest mistake you can make in a transition, no matter which side of it you are on, is to delay seeking counsel about the applicable restrictive covenant agreement.

We generally work on:

  • In consultation and in conjunction with writing non-compete/non-solicitation/non-disclosure/ non-recruitment contracts, creating enforceable limits as to to time, territory and scope of activity, for both “in term”(during employment) limitations on competition, and post termination restrictions;
  • Preparing the transitioning employee to transfer the customer relationships and other items she wants to take to the new employer(such as computer information or hard copy documents), effectuating the transition, responding to cease and desist letters if they come, responding to litigation threats, settling the case at this stage in many instances, or in some
    very well-executed, by the plan transitions, drawing no reaction at all;
  • Defending any litigation which arises against departing employee clients, including TRO motions, and interlocutory/preliminary injunction motions;
  • Preparing and filing actions for injunction for employers against departing employees, and pursuing enforcement of all covenants plus protection of trade secrets;
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Dedicated advocate handles negotiations and enforcement disputes with courage and a pleasant demeanor

    Injunction cases are the types of cases where the client is most exposed in the civil arena. There is a small number of Atlanta area attorneys who regularly go to court in injunction cases. Dalziel Law Firm has a long record of success in court and arbitration and good relationships with other counsel in this small group.

    Reach out to an employment law attorney for a thorough analysis

    Contact Dalziel Law online or at 404-735-0438 to schedule a consultation with a thorough Georgia employment law attorney who can discuss the details associated with any noncompete agreement. I advise employers and employees on the creation, negotiation and enforcement of these covenants.

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