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Employee Rights at Termination/ Severance Agreements

Accomplished Georgia Lawyer Advocates for Employees in Blindside Terminations

Experienced attorney seeks compensation for clients in the Marietta area who were fired

Losing a job can have devastating consequences for you and your family. At [Dalziel Law Firm], we have obtained significant financial compensation for fired employees in the Marietta area and throughout Georgia. We have extensive knowledge of the federal and Georgia laws that govern relationships between workers and employers, including the employer’s duty to pay compensation that was earned prior to the termination.

If you’ve been dismissed from your job and suspect that something improper occurred, my firm offers the highest levels of legal representation and service in evaluating your situation and advocating creatively for post termination compensation. Understand, however, that employment is at will in Georgia by statute. The employer has no duty under Georgia law in a termination situation, to give any reason for the termination. But in most cases the employer does give a reason, raising possible issues with the reason they give, and regarding the employer’s compliance with company policies.

  • Discrimination — A firing cannot be based on an employee’s membership in a legally protected group. Protected groups are based on a worker’s age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity, disability or other characteristics outlined in federal statutes. I can advise employees post termination if they have any federal claims. I also advise employers on how to avoid such claims.
  • Retaliation — Employees should never be punished for reporting illegal conduct or dangerous conditions at their workplace. When hired by employees we investigate whether any connection exists between such a report and the termination.
  • Contractual violations — Whether an agreement covers an individual employee or a whole group of workers, companies must honor the provisions relating to termination. I can advise employers and employees about potential or actual contractual violations in relations to a prospective or completed termination or other adverse employment action.

Severance Agreements__If you have had a Severance Agreement tendered to you Dalziel Law Firm can review it for you, explain it to you, seek an enhanced severance, and limit the post-employment restrictions yje employer is seeking in exchange for the severance payment.

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